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                    ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screws
                    • ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head ScrewsISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screws

                    ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screws

                    A China factory called Xinhan specializes in producing ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screws of the highest caliber. Their screws are of high quality, precisely sized, and compliant with international standards. DIN7380 hex socket round head screw is typically used to fasten two or more components together. Its spherical head has six internal corners. Because of its design, it can tighten and release using the inner hexagon wrench. Stainless steel, titanium alloy, or steel are common materials used to make the hexagonal screw in the round head. Depending on the requirements of the various applications, it can select various wire diameters, lengths, and surface treatment techniques. The automotive, aerospace, and mechanical goods sectors are the typical uses for this screw.

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                    Product Description

                    As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you ISO7380 hex socket round head screw. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

                    DIN7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screw is a commonly used fastener,Usually cylindrical in shape, they have round and inner hexagonal heads and are constructed of high-strength steel. Applications requiring high torque torsion can benefit greatly from this screw since its inner hexagonal heads can offer better rotation and control.

                    Features of ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screw:

                    Fasteners with ISO7380 hex socket round head screws are frequently found in industrial and mechanical equipment. Among their attributes are:

                    Better locking effects and torque transfer are provided by the inner hexagonal configuration.

                    The rounded head shape has a lovely appearance and makes it difficult to stick or scrape anything.

                    The ISO7380 standard design guarantees consistent measurements and easy replacement.

                    Select premium materials for manufacture, such as alloy or stainless steel, which offer excellent strength, resistance to corrosion, and durability.

                    To guarantee tightness and long-term stability, it is appropriate for usage in high temperature, high pressure, high vibration, and severe environments.

                    Application of ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screw:

                    ISO7380 hex socket round head screws are typically utilized in applications requiring a high degree of tightness and strength. The manufacturing of automobiles, aircraft, machinery, electronics, instruments, furniture, building structures, and other fields are a few common application areas. Typically, this screw is utilized to secure a variety of parts and parts, including braking systems, restricted devices, and electronic equipment.

                    ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screws Parameter(Specification):


                    ISO7380 Hex Socket Round Head Screws


                    C1008 (carbon steel)








                    As customer requirement

                    Head Type:

                    Countersunk head



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