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                    DIN 967 Phillip Wafer head Screws
                    • DIN 967 Phillip Wafer head ScrewsDIN 967 Phillip Wafer head Screws

                    DIN 967 Phillip Wafer head Screws

                    Xinhan is an enterprise that produces high -quality DIN 967 Phillip Wafer head Screws in China. A big flat head and a self-attacking thread design characterize phillip wafer head pins. On metal materials, it is typically used to attach or link between two things.

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                    Product Description

                    As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality DIN967 phillip wafer head screw. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

                    A mechanical thread connection used to join thin plates and wall plates is the DIN967 phillip wafer head screw. Its threaded head is flat, and its thread depth is lower than that of a standard screw connector.

                    A high-intensity connector is the DIN967 phillip wafer head screw. It is appropriate for a variety of challenging situations and has exceptional corrosion resistance because of its unique design and premium materials. Its flat snail head also features a lovely and sturdy support, making it more appropriate for some situations when a high appearance is required.

                    Typically, carbon steel and stainless steel are used to make DIN967 phillip wafer head screws. They are appropriate for manufacturing mechanical devices, home appliances, cars, and electronic equipment. To guarantee a secure and dependable connection when utilizing the Huashi Dianfang header screw, you must select the right model and size based on the particular circumstances.

                    Features of DIN 967 Phillip Wafer head Screws:

                    The following features are the primary attributes of the DIN967  phillip wafer head screws:

                    This screw head's flat design helps to prevent interference and collisions when in operation. Additionally, the flat head helps strengthen the bond by offering a more sturdy surface for support.

                    Materials: The screws used in the phillip wafer head machine are typically made of carbon steel and premium stainless steel, both of which have exceptional mechanical, corrosion-resistant, and durability qualities.

                    Precision processing: To guarantee that each screw meets the required standards for size and quality, the companies that make these screws typically employ very precise equipment and procedures.

                    Beautiful appearance: DIN967 Phillip wafer head screw has a smooth, even surface, giving it a lovely appearance. As a result, it is typically utilized for expensive items and events, such air conditioners, washing machines, cars, and electrical equipment.

                    Application of DIN967 Phillip Wafer Head Screw:

                    The following high-end devices and events typically employ DIN967 phillip wafer head screws: they require a beautiful appearance, flat head design, corrosion resistance, and durability.

                    Electronic devices: TV, music player, PC, etc. mechanical manufacturing: including manufacturing, aerospace, and aviation;

                    Manufacturing of household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.

                    production of automobiles, including their engines and electronics, etc.

                    In general, the screw of the Huashi Dianfang header is an excellent choice as long as the high-quality, high-performance screw connection is needed.

                    DIN967 Phillip Wafer Head Screws Parameter(Specification):


                    DIN967 Phillip Wafer Head Screw


                    C1008 (carbon steel)








                    As customer requirement

                    Head Type:

                    Phillip wafer head



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