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Application and Equipment

Product Application

Xinhan has collected the latest version of ANSI(IFI),DIN,BS,ISO,GB and other fastener standards,and carrying out strictly,Our normal production specifications diameter range:M2-M20,1/8-3/4;Length range:3mm-300mm,1/2-1/4.Xinhan can also manufacture all kinds of head,groove,rod and tail shaped special-shaped fasteners according to the customer’s drawings or samples,as well as non-standard parts of different strength,surface treatment,cold heading,extrusion and cutting joint processing.

Production Equipment

Xinhan’s current application in equipment:64 cold heading machines,52 thread rolling machines,25 groove milling machines and 15 wire drawing machines,mainly high-speed machines designed and manufactured in Taiwan,8 general equipment and 18 auxiliary equipment.

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