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                    Thread Rolling Screw Type E
                    • Thread Rolling Screw Type EThread Rolling Screw Type E

                    Thread Rolling Screw Type E

                    Xinhan is a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality, low-cost Thread rolling screw type E.Thread rolling screw type E is a mechanical fastener with great precision and a wide range of applications. It is screw-shaped, but its threads have a comparable profile and are machined by rolling rather than cutting. This design makes E-type rolling thread screws more resistant to loosening and more able to endure lateral stresses, making them suited for attaching occasions requiring great strength. Used extensively in the automotive, electrical, mechanical, and construction industries.

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                    Product Description

                    Introduction of Thread Rolling Screw Type E :

                    As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality thread rolling screw type E. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

                    Thread rolling screw type E is a mechanical connecting element made with cold additive forming or cold head forming technology. Steel constructions, mechanical equipment, railways, transportation, and other areas commonly employ it. It has a strong link and a straightforward structure. The thread section of E-type rolling thread screws travels through the roller raceway and is made by a machining process, ensuring high precision and high strength of the thread and making them suited for high-demand workplaces.

                    Features of Thread Rolling Screw Type E :

                    Thread rolling screw type E is a type of mechanical fastener that is widely used. The major feature is that instead of cutting the threads on the screws, mechanical power is used to roll them. Among the features are:

                    Firm threads: Because they are rolled, the threads are firm, smooth, and difficult to release.

                    High precision: The precision of rolling threads is extremely high, allowing them to meet the precision requirements of connecting parts.

                    High strength: Because it is cold worked, it has no effect on the material qualities and can ensure the screw's strength.

                    Energy savings: Thread rolling uses less energy and saves more energy than thread cutting.

                    Simple production process: When compared to thread cutting, the manufacturing process is simpler, saving time and labor.

                    Thread rolling screw type E is widely employed in industrial production in a variety of mechanical equipment and structures.

                    Application of Thread Rolling Screw Type E:

                    Thread rolling screw type E is commonly used in applications that need high-strength connections and precise installation. As an example:

                    It is utilized in the vehicle manufacturing industry to link high-load components such as automobile engines, chassis, and transmission systems.

                    Heavy machine equipment and components, such as pressure vessels and machine components, are joined by the machinery manufacturing industry.

                    For joining aircraft and engine components in the aerospace sector.

                    Used in the construction industry to link big steel constructions.

                    Thread rolling screw type E is commonly utilized in tight installation tasks requiring great strength and reliability.

                    Thread Rolling Screw Type E Parameter(Specification):


                    Thread rolling screw type E


                    C1008 Carbon Steel




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