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                    As a screw factory with many years of experience, Xinhan have been committed to providing quality products and considerate service. Our team consists of professional engineers and technicians with extensive industry knowledge and experience. We pay attention to detail and quality, ensuring that every product meets strict quality standards. Furniture Screws are an integral part of furniture manufacturing and maintenance.

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                    Product Description

                    Introduction of Furniture Screws:

                    Xinhan is a professional high quality fastener manufacturer, you can rest assured to buy Furniture Screws from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

                    Furniture screws are fasteners used in furniture manufacturing that can usually be screwed directly into wood or parts to connect metal or non-metal parts to wood members. There are many kinds of furniture screws, including round head, countersunk head, semi-countersunk head style and cross, slotted, hexagonal top style. These different types of screws have different characteristics and applications.

                    When choosing furniture screws, you need to consider factors such as the occasion of use, material type, specifications and performance requirements. In general, high-quality furniture screws are made of high-strength materials, such as alloy steel or stainless steel, with high tensile and torsional strength. At the same time, the appropriate thread spacing and depth can also affect the installation and use of furniture screws.

                    Features of Furniture Screws:

                    Furniture screws are usually made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel materials, with high tensile and torsional strength, to ensure the stability and reliability of furniture.

                    The threaded part of the furniture screw is usually treated with special treatment, such as galvanized, chrome plating, etc., to improve the rust resistance and corrosion resistance to ensure the service life and safety of the furniture.

                    Different furniture screws have different head shapes and specifications, which are suitable for different furniture parts and connection methods. So you may need to select different specifications and types of screws for replacement and installation according to different needs.

                    Application of Furniture Screws:

                    Furniture screws are usually used to connect and fix furniture parts, adjust furniture dimensions, and enhance furniture stability. It is an indispensable part of furniture manufacturing and maintenance, and plays an important role in ensuring the stability and reliability of furniture.

                    Furniture Screws Parameter(Specification):


                    Furniture Screws



                    Thread size:







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