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                    With years of experience in production fastener, Xinhan can supply a wide range of fastener products . High quality Blind Screw can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about Blind Screw. Blind Screw is a special kind of screw an be fixed to the inner wall of the material without opening the surface.

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                    Product Description

                    Introduction of Blind Screws:

                    Xinhan is a professional leader China bolts, nuts, screws manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with quality products and services.

                    Blind screw is a type of screw that can be used to fix metal, plastic and other materials plates, which is widely used in construction, machinery, automobile, electronic information and other industries. Blind screw is driven by electric drill or screw gun, and can be fixed to the inner wall of the material without opening the surface. Blind screw has a variety of specifications and types, which can be selected according to the specific use requirements.

                    Blind Screw mainly includes two parts: riveting body and nail core. Rivet body is usually produced by wire cold heading, plate stamping, pipe processing, etc., with a variety of different styles and specifications to meet the needs of different application scenarios. The core is usually shaped and sized to match the riveting body to ensure a smooth and firm riveting process.

                    Features of Blind Screws:

                    Single-side operation: blind rivets are suitable for situations where the workpiece can only be riveted from one side. In the riveting process, the rivet is placed in the pre-drilled hole, and the matching riveting tool is used to pull the nail core, so that the head of the nail core is pulled into the riveting body, so that the riveting body is deformed and expanded on the back side to achieve fixed.

                    The core can be broken: in the riveting process, when the head of the core reaches the surface of the back material, the action of the head is blocked to form resistance, and the core is separated at the predetermined break point with the set breaking force. This can improve the safety of the riveting.

                    Simple operation: The operation of the blind rivet is simple and convenient, does not require complex tools and equipment, and only needs to use matching riveting tools to complete the riveting operation. Which can greatly improve work efficiency.

                    Application of Blind Screws:

                    Blind Screws are suitable for a variety of different materials and thicknesses, such as metal, wood, plastic, etc., as well as a variety of different application scenarios, such as construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, machines, appliances, furniture, etc.

                    Blind Screws Parameter(Specification):


                    Blind Screws



                    Head type:







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