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The main types and application range of nuts.


Stainless steel

Self-locking nut, locknut, locking nut, four-claw nut, driving nut safety nut, thin rod screw connecting nut self-locking hexagonal cap nut special anchor screw nut, hexagonal crown thin nut suspension ring nut.

Fine tooth all metal hex flange face lock nut All metal hex flange face lock nut Fine tooth Non-metal insert hex flange face lock nut Fine tooth hex flange face nut

Welded square nut Welded hexagon nut fastening nut Inserted round nut

Round nut with grooves Round nut with holes on one side Round nut with holes on the other side round nut Small round nut

Round nut Ring nut Butterfly nut

Copper product

Copper nut embedded copper nut knurled copper nut embedded copper nut injection copper nut etc


Zinc copper alloy nuts, etc

Scope of application

Automobile industry - cars, trucks, buses, compressors, construction machinery, wind power equipment, agricultural machinery, casting industry, drilling equipment, Marine industry, military, mining equipment, oil drilling RIGS (onshore or offshore), utilities, rail transit, transmission systems, metallurgical equipment, drilling hammers, etc...

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