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How Do I identify a machine screw?


To identify a machine screw, you can start with the following:

First, observe the head shape of the screw. The head shape of the machine screw is different, common hexagonal head, hexagonal cone head, flat head and round head, etc. . These different head shapes help in the selection and use of screws for specific situations.

Second, measure the length and diameter of the screw. The length and diameter of the screw are the key factors in choosing the appropriate screw. They determine whether the screw can be firmly fixed in the desired position. These parameters can be easily measured using a tape measure or ruler.

Also, pay attention to the threaded part of the screw. Thread is an important feature of machine screw, used for connecting and fixing two parts. By observing the thread shape and thread number, we can judge its thread type, such as the common m thread, UNC thread, UNF thread and so on.

Finally, understand the machine screw identification method. Screw identification usually includes thread identification, material identification and head shape identification. The thread mark is composed of two numbers, which indicate the diameter and the step distance respectively, and the material mark is used to distinguish the screws of different materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc The head shape logo reflects the head shape of the screw and the use of the environment.

To sum up, the machine screw can be effectively identified by observing the head shape, measuring the length and diameter, paying attention to the thread part and understanding the marking method. In the identification process, you can combine the specific use of needs and scenarios, select the most appropriate type of screw.

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