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Foreign customers come to visit Xinhan Technology Co., Ltd.


On March 18, 2024, foreign consumers visited our company (Jiaxing Xinhan Technology Co., Ltd.) for an on-site inspection. To attract this consumer, high-quality products and services, equipment and technology, and promising industrial development opportunities are essential reasons.

Mr. Zhang, the company's chairman, and Jessica, the business manager, greeted the guests from afar on behalf of the company. Foreign consumers toured the company's factory production workshop, finished product warehouse, and manufacturing workshop. During the visit, our company's accompanying personnel thoroughly explained the items to the customers and provided professional responses to any concerns they made. Customers have also been impressed by his extensive professional knowledge and abilities to operate efficiently.

The two parties then proceeded to the product display center, where the customer purchased the things they planned to produce. The two sides had a thorough conversation about future cooperation and intended to achieve win-win outcomes and common progress in future cooperation projects.

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