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                    DIN 961 Hex Bolt
                    • DIN 961 Hex BoltDIN 961 Hex Bolt

                    DIN 961 Hex Bolt

                    Chinese company Xinhan manufactures inexpensive, high-quality DIN961 hex bolts. Its goods are high-performing, stable in quality, and meet worldwide requirements.A standardized bolt with six thread boundaries and a hexagonal head, the DIN961 hex bolt is used to fasten and join two objects. Usually constructed from high-strength steel, they feature precise dimensions, threads, lengths, and materials to accommodate a range of engineering applications.

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                    Product Description

                    Introduction of DIN 961 Hex Bolt :

                    As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you DIN 961 Hex bolt. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

                    One of the bolt standards released by the German Institute for Industrial Standardization (DIN), commonly referred to as the DIN 961 standard, is DIN 961 hex bolts. This standard lays out a number of specifications for hexagonal bolts, including dimensions, composition, mechanical characteristics, and surface finishing. Hexagonal bolts DIN 961 are appropriate for connecting elements in a variety of mechanical devices and constructions. Standards state that hexagon head bolts come in a variety of models and grades, with strength grades ranging from 8.8 to 12.9, among others. Furthermore, in order to guard against corrosion, DIN 961 hex bolts are typically surface treated with galvanizing, yellow zinc plating, etc.

                    Features of DIN 961 Hex Bolt :

                    The fundamental measurements, technical specifications, and inspection procedures for hexagonal head bolts are outlined in the DIN 961 standard. Its primary characteristics are:

                    It is simple to use a wrench for tightening and disassembling because of the hexagonal head shape.

                    To guarantee the stability and hardness of the installation, the length of the bolt and the nut correspond.

                    It is appropriate for a variety of mechanical equipment and structural connections and has a high strength and resistance to corrosion.

                    These bolts have extensive usage in several industries, including construction, automotive, machinery manufacture, chemical, and other disciplines.

                    Application of DIN 961 Hex Bolt:

                    The specifications and mechanical characteristics of hexagonal head bolts are outlined in the German national standard DIN 961. It is frequently employed in numerous significant application domains, including engineering, building, manufacturing, and machine building, among others. To ensure a solid and long-lasting connection, these bolts can be used to link parts such as machinery, pipes, equipment, and structural pieces. DIN 961 hex bolts are among the most regularly used bolts in manufacturing and industry, and they are utilized in many different industries.

                    DIN 961 Hex Bolt Parameter(Specification):


                    DIN 961 Hex Bolt


                    C1008 Carbon Steel








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