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                    DIN 960 Hex Bolt
                    • DIN 960 Hex BoltDIN 960 Hex Bolt

                    DIN 960 Hex Bolt

                    Xinhan factory produces high quality and low price DIN 960 hex bolts.Standardized DIN 960 hex bolts are typically composed of high-strength steel. They have a complete threaded rod with a hexagonal head. This kind of bolt is commonly utilized in industries including construction, engineering, automotive, and mechanical where high torque or strength requirements are necessary. Depending on your requirements, you can select bolts with varying diameters and lengths.

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                    Product Description

                    Introduction of DIN960 Hex bolt:

                    As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you DIN960 hex bolt. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

                    DIN960 hex bolts are made mostly of bolts and nuts and are mechanical connectors that meet German DIN specifications. Its hexagonal bolts are a trait that makes it appropriate for situations requiring a lot of torque and solid fixing. Steel is typically used to make DIN960 hexagonal bolts, which have a high strength and long service life. Common applications for this type of bolt include mechanical equipment, railroads, building, vehicles, ships, aircraft, and other industries. They are categorized according on length, diameter, fine teeth (fine teeth), and substance in terms of criteria.

                    Features of DIN960 Hex bolt:

                    The German standard DIN 960 details the size and distinctive features of hexagonal head bolts. The following elements make up the majority of its features:

                    Broad range of use: The DIN 960 standard is widely used in many different industries and is appropriate for connecting different mechanical equipment and structures.

                    Superb anti-loosening effect: Hexagonal head bolts are more stable than regular bolts because they are simpler to tighten and don't loosen as easily.

                    Rich materials: Depending on the application and conditions, hexagon head bolts can be manufactured of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, or another material.

                    Simple to use: It is easier to use when using hand tools like torquers or wrenches because of the hexagonal head design.

                    Numerous specifications: To accommodate a range of requirements, hexagon head bolts are offered in a wide range of specifications, including various diameters, lengths, pitches, and other characteristics.

                    Application of DIN960 Hex bolt:

                    High-strength steel constructions, mechanical equipment, and structural pieces can all be connected with DIN 960 hex bolts. They are extensively utilized in several industries, including construction, electric power, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and machinery manufacture. Typical domains for application encompass:

                    Aerospace field: Various parts of airplanes, rockets, satellites, etc. are connected by DIN 960 hexagonal bolts in the aerospace business;

                    Automobile field: DIN 960 hex bolts are used in the automobile industry to join different parts, including wheels, engines, chassis, and so on;

                    Industry of machinery manufacturing: DIN 960 hexagonal bolts are employed in this sector to join different pieces of equipment, machinery, and structural components;

                    Construction industry: DIN 960 hex bolts are used in the construction industry to join steel structures, brackets, bridges, big mechanical equipment, etc.

                    DIN960 Hex bolt Parameter(Specification):


                    DIN960 hex bolt


                    C1008 Carbon Steel








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