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                    DIN 934 Hex Nut
                    • DIN 934 Hex NutDIN 934 Hex Nut

                    DIN 934 Hex Nut

                    Xinhan is a professional China fastener manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best DIN 934 Hex Nuts with high quality and low price. Following quality assurance, price conscience, dedicated service, our factory will make you satisfied. The DIN 934 Hex Nut is a common fastener, which has a wide range of applications and excellent performance.

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                    Product Description

                    Find a huge selection of DIN 934 Hex Nuts from China at Xinhan. Provide professional after-sales service and the right price, looking forward to cooperation.

                    The DIN 934 Hex Nut is a common fastener and is named for its hexagonal shape. It is mainly used in conjunction with bolts or screws to fix mechanical equipment by rotation. DIN 934 Hex Nuts have the following characteristics:

                    Unique shape: The DIN 934 Hex Nut has a hexagonal shape, which makes the nut more stable and reliable when connecting bolts.

                    Good anti-loosening performance: hexagonal nuts have good anti-loosening performance, mainly relying on the friction between the spiral surface and the fastener surface to prevent fasteners from loosening themselves. This anti-loosening property is particularly important in situations where stable fastening is required for long periods of time.

                    Excellent mechanical properties: DIN 934 Hex Nuts have excellent mechanical properties such as high strength, wear resistance and shear resistance, which make the nuts run stably in various mechanical devices and ensure the reliability of the connection.

                    Features of DIN 934 Hex Nuts:

                    Shape features: The hexagonal slotted nut is hexagonal in shape and has notches on its six faces, which can be easily rotated with tools, making it easier to install and remove.

                    Anti-loosening performance: hexagonal slotted nuts have good anti-loosening performance, and the anti-loosening mechanism mainly relies on the friction between the spiral surface and the fastener surface, so as to prevent the fastener from loosening itself.

                    Wear resistance and shear resistance: Since the bottom of the thread of the hexagon slotted nut is a 30° inclined surface, this allows the nut locking force to be evenly distributed across all threads of each tooth. Therefore, it can better solve the problem of thread wear and shear deformation.

                    Reuse performance: The locking performance of the hexagonal slotted nut can still maintain the original locking effect after repeated tightening and disassembly, and has good reuse performance.

                    Application of DIN 934 Hex Nuts:

                    DIN 934 Hex Nuts are suitable for various mechanical connection fields, such as automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment installation, etc. At the same time, it is also suitable for occasions that often need to be disassembled, and the surface space of the connected part is limited.

                    DIN 934 Hex Nuts Parameter(Specification):


                    DIN 934 Hex Nuts


                    C1008 Carbon Steel


                    M3 M4






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