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                    DIN 931 Hex Head Bolt
                    • DIN 931 Hex Head BoltDIN 931 Hex Head Bolt

                    DIN 931 Hex Head Bolt

                    Xinhan is a Chinese factory specializing in the production of high quality and low price DIN931 hexagonal bolts. The company has advanced production equipment and technology, strict quality control system and professional production team, able to provide high-quality products and services.The DIN 931 hex head bolt has a hexagonal head and is semi-threaded. It meets DIN standards set by the German Institute for Standardization. These bolts, which are usually composed of carbon or stainless steel, feature an incomplete thread and a hex head. To be used, they need a hex nut that matches.

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                    Product Description

                    Introduction of DIN931 Hex Head Bolt:

                    High quality DIN931 Hex head bolt is offered by China manufacturer Xinhan. Buy DIN931 hex head bolt which is of high quality directly with low price.

                    The hexagon head bolt standard DIN 931 is also known as the "hexagon head semi-threaded machine bolt" and is often composed of stainless steel or carbon steel. This bolt comes in metric sizes ranging from M1.6 to M64; the length of the bolt is determined by its metric size.

                    The hexagonal heads and incomplete threads of DIN 931 standard bolts require the use of matched nuts for fastening. In mechanical and structural engineering, threaded connectors frequently employ these bolts. One of the fundamental bolt types used in numerous industries, DIN 931 standard hexagonal bolts are known for their exceptional strength and longevity.

                    Features of DIN931 Hex Head Bolt:

                    DIN 931 hex head bolt is a common mechanical fastener with the following characteristics:

                    A typical mechanical fastener with the following properties is the DIN 931 hex head bolt:

                    The hexagonal head shape simplifies the process of tightening and disassembling with a wrench or wrench socket.

                    Enough thread length is present to permit tightening under increased stresses.

                    The standardized design is simple to operate, compatible with DIN standards, and convenient for maintenance and replacement.

                    Materials come in a variety of forms, such as alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

                    If necessary, surface treatments like chromium plating and galvanizing can be applied to the bolts to increase their resistance to corrosion.

                    DIN 931 hex head bolts are typically employed in the equipment manufacturing business and are a common fastener.

                    Application of DIN931 Hex Head Bolt:

                    DIN931 Hex head bolts are primarily used for high-strength mechanical devices and component connections. Construction, automotive, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, aerospace, and other disciplines are common application fields. In particular, these bolts are used for joining different sections of large machinery and constructions, such steel buildings, bridges, motorbikes, trains, airplanes, ships, rail transit, pressure tanks, and equipment used in petrochemical processes.

                    DIN931 Hex Head Bolt Parameter(Specification):


                    DIN931 Hex head bolt


                    C1008 Carbon Steel








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